Comply with the First Source Hiring Program

Learn about program requirements and how to hire for an entry-level job opening.

What to do

1. Check requirements

You must comply with the First Source Hiring Program if:

  • Your business has a lease with the City on City Property
  • Your business has a City contract for goods, services, grants, or loans over $50,000
  • Your business has a City-issued construction contract over $350,000
  • Your business is cannabis-related
  • You have a special project that is:
    • Required by the Board of Supervisors, and
    • Administered by the Office of Economic & Workforce Development (OEWD)
  • You are a developer with building permits for a residential project over 10 units. All employers must be engaged in commercial activity in the development project.
  • You have a building permit application for a commercial activity that:
    • Is over 25,000 square feet, and
    • Involves construction that includes entry and apprentice-level positions

2. Contact us

Contact the Office of Economic & Workforce Development’s (OEWD) Employer Services team to discuss your hiring needs.

3. Register with WorkforceLinkSF

4. Recruit for open positions

After you have registered with WorkforceLinkSF, a specialist will follow up with additional resources and services to help you recruit and promote your open positions.

Forms, fact sheets and other helpful information

The forms listed below are for not comprehensive. You may need to refer to other documents and forms for specific contracts, leases, and/or other San Francisco-related business investments.

First Source Workforce Projection Form

Exhibit B-1 First Source Hiring Agreement

Exhibit B-2 First Source Hiring Agreement - Cannabis

First Source Hiring Agreement - Film Commission

Application for Exception from First Source Hiring Program

Special cases

First Source requirements for construction

First Source requirements for construction

OEWD’s CityBuild construction training program handles First Source compliance for:

  • Construction contracts over $350,000
  • Some private developments

Contact us at 415-701-4848 and ask to speak with one of our CityBuild Compliance Officers.

Penalties for non-compliance

Penalties for non-compliance

You may be fined up to $5,000 for each eligible, entry-level job that you withhold from the First Source Hiring Program process, along with additional penalties.


The First Source Hiring Program provides a ready supply of qualified workers to employers with hiring needs. It gives residents in need the first opportunity to apply for entry level jobs in San Francisco.

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First Source Hiring Program

Last updated August 8, 2023