Start your accessory dwelling unit (ADU) application online

If your project is only for an ADU, start your application online.

What to do

1. Check if your project qualifies for this application

We accept applications for ADUs and work related to ADU construction like:

  • Expansions required for an ADU
  • Excavations required for an ADU
  • New construction for a detached ADU
  • Interior remodel work to create independent access to the ADU

Do not use this application if your project includes:

  • New construction of a single-family home
  • New construction of a multi-unit building
  • Expansion of existing building
  • New construction of a separate building
  • Legalizations
  • Demolition of an existing structure to make room for an ADU

Do not use this page for unit legalization or new construction of more than an ADU. If your project includes demolition, you will also need to follow the in-house review process with the Department of Building Inspection.

2. Gather your project team information

We will ask you for:

  • Your role on the project
  • Billing contact information
  • Property owner authorization

3. Gather your project location information

We will ask you about your project location:

  • Street address
  • Existing and proposed dwelling units
  • Present and proposed use

4. Gather your project details

We will ask you for your project details including:

  • Estimated construction cost
  • Front facade changes
  • Horizontal extensions
  • Adding height
  • Extending beyond the property line
  • Excavation or repairing or replacing the building’s foundation

We will ask you about your ADUs including:

  • Proposed ADUs unit type and square footage
  • What space you are converting to your ADUs

We process ADUs as regular permits, not site permits. If you would like to request a site permit, note this on your project plans.

5. Submit your application

Complete the form with all the required information.

You will also need to upload:

  • PDFs of your plans
  • Planning forms
  • Building permit application
  • Agent Authorization form
  • Fixture Count Form
  • School Facility Fee form

This will take about 20 minutes.

6. After you apply

We will review your application and contact you within 5 business days with the next steps


We will tell you what your initial fee is. You must pay your fees online. We will send you instructions.

After approval

Once your permit is approved, we will coordinate with you to verify your licensed contractor information.

We will email you your job card to start construction.

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Last updated January 5, 2024