Sign up to do lead-related inspection or construction

Put your name on a list of lead professionals who will work on Fix Lead SF projects. Fix Lead SF is a City Program and works to reduce lead dangers in paint and soil.

What to do

If you do not have the required certificates, get no cost training and certification.

Sign a Participation Agreement

Learn more about the specific requirements for working with the Fix Lead SF program.

Sign a Participation Agreement (either for Inspectors or for Supervisors).

Prepare documents for uploading

The documents you will upload include:

  1. Lead certificate(s) (If you have more than one employee who will work with Fix Lead SF, compile their certificates into one pdf.)
  2. Signed Participation Agreement
  3. Certificate(s) of Liability Insurance, and if required, proof of Pollution Liability Insurance
  4. California State Contractor License (for Supervisors)

Sign up by email

Sign up by email

Send the following information and documents to

  • Company Name
  • Company address, phone
  • Name(s) of certified professional(s) from your company who will work with Fix Lead SF
  • Phone number of certified professional(s)
  • Email of certified professional(s)
  • Lead certificate(s) for each certified professional (CDPH, and EPA (for Supervisors)), the expiration date
  • California State Contractor License (for Supervisors)
  • Proof of required insurances with the City and County of San Francisco and Rebuilding Together San Francisco added as additional insured
  • Signed Participation Agreement

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Last updated April 19, 2024