Sell food or drinks at a special event

Get a health permit to offer food or drinks at a temporary community event, like a festival or street fair.

What to do

1. Apply for a health permit

Start your application for a health permit


If you are operating a food or beverage booth you apply as a temporary food facility

If you are operating a food truck or food cart you apply as a mobile food facility

Food trucks: If you do not already have a San Francisco mobile food facility permit, you will be charged an extra fee.

2. Prepare to meet all food safety requirements

Unless your food is completely wrapped, you need a fully screened booth. Your booth must have:

  • Handwashing area
  • A place for washing and sanitizing utensils
  • Equipment to keep foods at safe temperatures

You are responsible for following health and safety codes. Your booth or cart may be inspected at any time.

Use our food safety checklist to help organize your efforts.

Get other approvals as needed

Get other approvals as needed

You may need permits or approval from other agencies for the following cases:

Cooking, open flame, generator use

SF Fire Department

Sidewalk use

SF Department of Public Works

Alcohol sales

State ABC

Public property use

SF Police Department

Park property use

SF Recreation and Parks

Body modification (body art) permits

SF Public Health

Recycling, composting, trash


Special cases

Lower fees for qualifying nonprofits

Lower fees for qualifying nonprofits

If you are a nonprofit, you may qualify for lower event costs. Find out if you qualify.

Get help


Kyle Chan

Senior Environmental Health Inspector

Aron Wong

Senior Environmental Health Inspector

Department of Public Health

Environmental Health Branch
Attention: Temporary Events program
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Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94103
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Last updated February 13, 2024