Set up a handwashing station for a temporary food booth

You must have a hand washing station with warm water near any booths where food is prepared or sampled.

Most booths need a handwashing station

You need a hand wash station at every booth where people prepare or sample food.

If you do not have access to a hard-plumbed sink with hot and cold water, set up an alternative station with:

  • Warm potable water (100 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit) using:
    • an insulated food-grade container that keeps water warm throughout the event
    • a hands-free spigot that stays open and flowing during hand washing
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Single-use paper towels
  • Waste water container (five-gallon capacity)
  • Garbage can
Warm water jug on a table flows into a wastewater container, with a paper towels, soap, and a garbage can nearby.

Make sure you have warm water (100 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit)

  • Fill your container with warm water at an approved food facility beforehand and bring it to the event.
  • Heat water at the event using a cooking range or an electric kettle.

Use a hands-free water spigot

If your existing water container has a push-button spigot, replace it with a lever-type spigot.

You can buy spigots from most manufacturers or stores that sell insulated water containers.

All materials used must be food-grade.

Allowable containers and spigots

Multi-gallon jugs with spigots that look similar to those used at sporting events.

You don't need a handwashing station at your booth if you only sell prepackaged food without any samples. And if you only sell beer and wine, you don't need warm water.

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Last updated October 25, 2023