Building the Department

The new department is actively creating infrastructure for the Inspector General (IG) to start working as soon as the Sheriff's Department Oversight Board appoints an IG.

The SDA-OIG has no budget allocated to lease and maintain office space. Retrofitting space funded by another department's budget allows the IG to start working the soonest possible.

To inform the public about progress building the SDA-OIG

Facility buildout estimates, purchase, and work orders

Office Space Construction - Pending

Floor Plan Design, Workstations, and Furniture

Technology estimates, purchase, and work orders

OIG Staff Equipment - Pending

Software and Licensing - Pending

Accelerating Development

These plans will temporarily house and outfit the OIG at minimal cost until the new department is self-sufficient and has the funding to create its own office space. This support will allow the OIG to become operational years faster than if it were to start with no resources.