Technology purchasing options and considerations

Learn about your 3 options for buying technology-related goods or services and when to use them.

What make a technology purchase unique?

Technology transactions include those for software, hardware and related technical services and support. How we buy technology is not inherently different from how we buy commodities, general services and professional services. However, technology purchases often trigger additional concerns. These include the technology's compatibility with existing City systems and infrastructure, its impact on City's cyber security and protection of data and privacy, and its compliance with City's policies around the use of technology that has the potential of surveying members of the public. To ensure these various concerns are adequately addressed, all technology transactions must go through OCA, either when a department is entering into a contract with another entity or when a department is requesting that a PO be issued using one of OCA's citywide technology agreements, including OCA's Technology Marketplace contracts. Click on each tile below to learn more about your options when purchasing transactions with a technology component.