Citywide Nonprofit Monitoring and Capacity Building Program

We support nonprofits that have contracts with the City by streamlining their compliance requirements and offering training opportunities.

How it works

Each year, San Francisco contracts with hundreds of nonprofit organizations to provide critical services. As of December 2023, these contracts represent about $1.7 billion annually.

Nonprofits must have regular oversight (called monitoring) while they are contracting with the City. Monitoring can be completed during a site visit to the agency or virtually in our hybrid working environment. 

Through our program, nonprofits receive the benefit of:

  • Joint monitoring (meaning, if a nonprofit receives funds from multiple departments, monitoring will be combined into one monitoring event).
  • Training, tools, and support to build their internal capacity.


Our program conducts a risk assessment each year to determine with contracts are part of the “monitoring pool.”

The monitoring pool includes nonprofits that:

  • Receive $1 million or more from a single department (even if they get funding from more than one department).
  • Receive at least $200,000 in total from two or more departments (if they get at least $50,000 from each funding department).

The monitoring pool does NOT include nonprofits that:

  • Receive funding from only one department and receive less than $1 million.
  • Receive funding from multiple departments that total $200,000 to $999,999.

Additional information

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