Building permit application forms

Fill out the building, electrical, plumbing/mechanical, and other construction permit forms for your project and role.

Using the application forms

You can get a building permit with In-House Review or learn how to get an over-the-counter (OTC) permit.

If you are applying for a permit in-person, print 2 copies of the building permit applications on double-sided legal (8.5” by 14”) paper. Bring it to the Permit Center when you submit your application.


Building permit applications

Fillable application for any new construction.


Mark the Form 1 checkbox for construction of new buildings with Type I, II, III, or IV construction.


Mark the Form 2 checkbox for construction of new wood-frame buildings with Type V construction.


See building construction type definitions.


Fillable application for construction involving an existing building. Most building applications require this form, also known as the "pink form."


Mark the Form 3 checkbox for for additions, alterations, and repairs on existing buildings. These projects require other agencies to review the plans or may need neighborhood notification.


Mark the Form 8 checkbox for small projects that can be reviewed over the counter or projects that do not require plans.

Sign permit application

Fillable application to propose a sign.


Mark the Form 4 checkbox to build a sign that requires review by the Department of Building Inspection and Planning Department.


Mark the Form 7 checkbox for painted or non-structural signs that only require Planning Department approval.


Other permit applications

Fillable application for grading, excavation, fill, or quarry.



Fillable application for demolishing an existing building or structure. Often used with Form 1/2 for new construction.



Sign and date the form to declare, under penalty of perjury, that all parties with recorded mortgages or deeds of trust on the property subject to the application have been notified (if required).

Applicant forms

For all building permit applications, fill in information as needed about:

  • Permit applicant
  • Owner
  • Lessee
  • Architect/engineer
  • General contractor
  • Attorney
  • Permit consultant/expediter
  • Authorized agents


You must submit an amended form when there is a change in any of the roles on the project.


Fill out the form with the contractor's information. 


If you are an agent of a contractor, you must have the contractor fill out the “Authorization of agent” section. It must be dated within the past 30 days.


Bring this form with the contractor's:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Current San Francisco Business License
  • Current California contractor's license and classification (the pocket card)


If you're a property owner doing the work yourself, fill out these disclosure forms.


If you recently acquired the building, bring the recorded grant deed or the property tax statement when you apply for a building permit.


If you are an LLC member who wants to pull the permit as an owner-builder, you must prove that you are an owner. Provide written proof of partnership from the LLC or verification of names on LLC from the California Secretary of State business resource.


If you are not the owner, you must have the owner fill out the “Authorization of agent” section on the second page. It must be dated within the past 30 days.


If you are a lessee, note that a tenant of a building cannot pull a permit unless they are an agent for either the property owner or contractor.


Lobby sign requirements for work that displaces tenants

Information about lobby sign requirements.


A sign must be posted for 15 days in the lobby of an R-1 occupancy containing 5 or more units or a residential hotel containing 6 or more living units if alteration work is to be done that would displace tenants from their residence.


Sign and date the form after you have posted your lobby sign (if required).


Inspection forms

Fill out this form to request a:

  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (or an extension)
  • Place of Entertainment
  • Massage Establishment (DPH)
  • Police Permit/Second Hand Dealer
  • Fire Permit Inspection
  • Off-hour inspection
  • Re-inspection
  • Pre-application/Survey inspection
  • Subpoena service
  • Permit extension

Plumbing Overtime Request Form

Fill out this form if you required to have special inspections in addition to inspections performed by the Department of Building Inspection. Refer to Special Inspection Requirements. You can also download a list of recognized special inspection and testing agencies.

Information about physical inspections for Condominium Conversions.

Minimum requirements to TCO consideration, and how to apply.

Complete one affidavit for each building. Carbon monoxide alarms are required on all floors with fossil-fuel burning appliances, and above and below floors.

How to extend an "ISSUED" permit

How to renew an expired permit

Title 24 Energy Inspection - Final compliance letter submittal process

Disabled access

Instructions and forms to complete to comply with disabled access requirements.

Fill out this form for all tenant improvement projects in commercial use spaces.

A form required for projects equal to or under the valuation threshold, with box "C" is checked off on the D.A. Checklist.

Fill out this form when doing construction for disabled access requirements is technically infeasible.

Projects may be granted an exception from disabled access requirements if adjusted construction costs exceed the current valuation threshold.

Withdrawals, extensions, and refunds

Fillable form to cancel a building permit or request a refund for fees from the Department of Building Inspection.

Other forms

How to request the use of the California Historical Building Code

One & two family rental dwellings & apartment/hotel fee request form for record correction, exemption, and/or refund (Special Assessment Codes 79, 92 or 93)