Income and rent limits for inclusionary rental units

May 3, 2024

The following information is for developers that were obligated to create affordable Below Market Rate rental units to comply with San Francisco’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance.

2024 limits effective April 30, 2024

Sampling of common area median income percentages and household sizes for 2024:

Household SizeOneTwoThreeFour
55% AMI$57,700$65,950$74,150$82,400
60% AMI$62,950$71,950$80,900$89,900
65% AMI$68,200$77,950$87,650$97,400
80% AMI$83,900$95,900$107,900$119,900
90% AMI$94,400$107,900$121,350$134,850
110% AMI$115,400$131,900$148,350$164,850
130% AMI$136,350$155,850$175,300$194,800

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