Report an unpermitted taxi cab

Report unpermitted or out of town taxi cabs that are soliciting or picking up passengers

What to do

For complaints about illegal solicitation from a limousine and complaints about real time ride sharing companies (like Uber or Lyft), please contact the California Public Utilities Commission at 800-894-9444.

1. Fill out a form

Describe the taxi cab and the incident.

We will need:

  • The incident date and time
  • The location
  • The type of cab (unpermitted or out of town)
  • The type of complaint (soliciting or picking up passengers)
  • A description of the taxi cab

2. Track your case

After you report, you will get a tracking number from 311. You can use this number, or your email address, to track your case online.



Call 311 to make a report


415-701-2311 if calling from outside San Francisco
For TTY, press 7

Get help



415-701-2311 if you are calling from outside of San Francisco

For TTY, press 7

Last updated August 14, 2023