Report a health nuisance or hazards

Contact 311 to report health issues connected to businesses, apartments, or other living and working spaces.

What to do

1. Check if your issue is on the online services page

You can report an issue online for things like:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Garbage and refuse issues
  • Water quality
  • Sewage

Track your case. After you report, you will get a tracking number from 311. You can use this number or your email address to track your case online or on the SF311 mobile app

2. Call 311 for other issues

If you don't see your issue on the online list, call 311.

This might include problems like:

  • Lead, pesticides, and other chemical hazards
  • Mold and other indoor air quality issues
  • Unsafe or unsanitary food conditions
  • Retail tobacco and medical cannabis dispensaries
  • Overgrown weeds
  • Hygiene practices at business like massage parlors

Be prepared to give:

  • Location and address
  • Subject 
  • Description


415-701-2311 if calling from outside San Francisco
For TTY, press 7

Mobile App

Mobile App

Use the SF311 mobile app to make a report

Download our mobile app to report a problem and track your request! Available on Android or iOS.

Learn more about the SF311 mobile app.

Special cases

Garbage or recycling

Garbage or recycling

There are 2 ways to report garbage and recycling noise:

1. Report a problem to 311

This includes issues about:

  • Damaged garbage cans
  • Overflowing bins
  • Adding or removing garbage can
  • Bins left out 

2. Report a problem to the collection company.

Recology is the parent company of the 3 companies that serve San Francisco: 

  • Sunset Scavenger: 415-330-1300
  • Golden Gate Disposal and Recycling: 415-626-4000
  • San Francisco Recycling: 415-330-1400

Noise issues

Noise issues

Most noise complaints

Report a noise problem

Other noise issues

  • At Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA)
    • Call National Park Police non-emergency line any time at 415-561-5505 when the problem is in progress and is from within a Golden Gate National Recreation Area location:
      • Baker Beach
      • China Beach
      • Cliff House
      • Crissy Field
      • Fort Funston
      • Fort Mason
      • Fort Point
      • Lands End
      • Ocean Beach
      • Presidio

  • At Salesforce Transit Center
    • Noise issues originating from within the Salesforce Transit Center:
    • Call 415-597-5000

Get help



415-701-2311 if you are calling from outside of San Francisco

For TTY, press 7

Last updated October 27, 2023