Report graffiti issues

Report graffiti on buildings, public property, and other objects

What to do

If the problem involves a posted sticker or flyer, file a different report for illegal postings.

1. Fill out a form

We will need to know:

  • The location
  • The object the graffiti is on
  • If the graffiti has racial slurs or profanity

2. Track your case

After you report, you will get a tracking number from 311. You can use this number, or your email address, to track your case online or on the SF311 mobile app

Expected Response Time

Most graffiti problems can be fixed with in 48 hours, including:

  • Building
  • City receptacle
  • Fire or police callbox
  • Fire hydrant
  • Mail box
  • News rack
  • Sidewalk
  • Sign (advertisement/other)
  • Signal box
  • Street
  • Transit shelter

Other graffiti problems can take longer: 

  • Bike rack: 3 business days
  • Parking meter: 3 business days
  • Parking or traffic sign: 20 business days



Call 311 to make a report


415-701-2311 if calling from outside San Francisco
For TTY, press 7

Mobile App

Mobile App

Use the SF311 Mobile App to make a report

Download our mobile app to report a problem and track your request! Available on Android or iOS.

Learn more about the SF311 mobile app

Special cases

Graffiti on State and Federal property

Graffiti on State and Federal property

In cases where graffiti is located on State or Federal property, we will try our best to get the request to the appropriate State or Federal agency, and then we will close your request. We can't guarantee that they will receive or handle the request, so we recommend that you contact them directly with the request yourself. 

If you are unsure of whose jurisdiction the property falls under, submit the report to us at 311 and we will look at your report to determine.

Get help



415-701-2311 if you are calling from outside of San Francisco

For TTY, press 7

Last updated June 13, 2024