Register your commercial weighing and measuring device or point of sale station

Let us know if you are using a scale, meter, or bar code scanner to calculate a price charged to consumers.

What to do

If you have a device that weighs or measures quantities for customer transactions, you must register your device. Examples include scales and meters. Scales used for estimation (not a calculating a price) do not need to be registered.

1. Register your business

Make sure you register your business before you register your device. You'll need your business account number to register your device.

2. Fill out the form

If you have a point of sale station, you must register your equipment. A "point of sale station" is equipment that displays electronic price information used to charge consumers. Examples include barcode scanners and check out devices. Learn more about the required registration of point of sale devices. Learn more about device registration.

Download the appropriate form:

3. Submit the form

Email or mail the form to:

Department of Public Health

Environmental Health Branch
49 S Van Ness, Ste 600
San Francisco, CA 94103

4. Pay the fee

The Treasurer & Tax Collector will send you a bill. Pay through their online portal. Learn more about the fees by reviewing the fee schedule.

5. Get inspected

We inspect devices every year. We do not schedule inspections. If you have a question about an inspection, call us:

Using a weight and measurement device

Make sure you:

  • Use devices that are appropriate for the environment
  • Position devices so that customers and operators can easily read the measure or price
  • Maintain the device
  • Keep the device leveled and at zero balance before a transaction
  • Deduct the weight of the container or packaging (also known as “tare”) from the weight of the product before the transaction
  • Get approval for the application software you use to capture and process the weight information
  • Do not charge or calculate a price higher than what you advertised

Special cases

If your device will no longer be used

If your device will no longer be used

You must let us know if:

  • Your device will no longer be used commercially
  • You are selling it to a new owner

Fill out the device removal form and send it to us:

There is no fee for removing a device. You will not get refunded for the remaining registration period.

If you are closing your business

If you are closing your business

Complete the close of business form and submit it to us:

We will inspect your business before we approve the closure. You will also need to close your business with the Treasurer and Tax Collector. Learn more about what you need to do when closing your business.

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Last updated April 16, 2024