Yerba Buena Island stewardship and land management

Learn how we restore, enhance, protect and steward Yerba Buena Island's natural areas.

Habitat Management Plan

TIDA is developing a long-term framework for restoration, enhancement and protection of Yerba Buena Island's precious natural areas.  The Yerba Buena Island Habitat Management Plan (YBI HMP) is a critical element of these efforts.

Read the YBI Habitat Management Plan

Our landscape maintenance contractor, Rubicon Programs, and other specialized contractors, work in consultation with TIDA and San Francisco Environment in the field stewardship of vital YBI natural areas.

Community stewardship

Community stewardship takes a variety of forms on the islands, including community volunteer opportunities, community science events, shoreline clean-ups and more.  

The Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island Public Stewardship Program was established in 2017 to provide opportunities for community engagement with the Island’s natural habitat.

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There on-Island stewardship volunteer opportunities currently available through Golden Gate Audubon Society

Commitment to biodiversity

At it's May 8, 2019 meeting the TIDA Board of Directors approved TIDA Board Resolution 19-13-05/08 affirming TIDA's commitment to the Citywide Biodiversity Vision adopted by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 2018.

A picture of Clipper Cove Beach on Yerba Buena Island showing the shoreline and hillside behind it
Last updated June 6, 2024