Treasure Island Development Project parks and open space component

Learn about the Island's new parks and open space network.


The Parks and Open Space Plan for Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island provides approximately 290 acres of new open space and parks, 80 acres on Yerba Buena Island and 210 acres on Treasure Island.  Newly constructed facilities and improvements are delivered in phases based on the overall TI/YBI development project schedule.

Parks and open space system on TI

Treasure Island parks and open space highlights

Shoreline Parks: A series of waterfront parks that wrap the western, northern and eastern edges of Treasure Island, characterized by the Waterfront Plaza at the transit hub, Pier 1, a continuous waterfront promenade, water access, and sculpted topography.

Sports and Recreation Park: An active park designed specifically for sports recreation.

Urban Agriculture Park: A park devoted to the production of food and/or nursery stock with opportunities to provide an educational outreach program.

Northern Shoreline Park and Wilds: Constructed habitats that integrate stormwater management, education and limited passive recreation.

Urban Core: A series of plazas and open spaces that help activate the retail core and the transit hub. These areas include Waterfront Plaza, Clipper Cove Promenade, Marina Plaza and the Cultural Park.

Pedestrian Network & Neighborhood Parks: Social spaces and amenities specifically designed for residents.

Cityside Park on TI

Yerba Buena Island parks and open space highlights

Hilltop Park: A regional and neighborhood serving park with passive recreational areas, overlooks, and picnic areas.

Regional Open Space - Habitat Management Areas: Most of the island’s open space is dedicated to habitat management and associated recreational uses such as hiking, biking, and picnicking.

Trails and Overlooks: A continuous network of rustic hiking trails provides access to the island’s open space areas and overlooks.

Senior Officers’ Quarters Historic District: Existing gardens surrounding the historic Senior Officers Quarters.

YBI Hilltop Park
Last updated November 30, 2022