What to expect during construction in your neighborhood

Construction hours, noise, street parking, and other info.


Building construction can occur 7:00 am to 8:00 pm seven days a week, including holidays.


Noise is expected during daytime construction, but cannot exceed five decibels above ambient at the nearest lot line before 7 am or after 8 pm. Five decibels is similar to the sound of a screw gun installing screws in drywall.

Some construction is allowed at night

Only construction projects with a night noise permit can do outdoor construction outside before 7 am or after 8 pm. This occurs for public safety, building structural integrity, or traffic and road access issues.

See current issued night noise permits.

Filing a complaint

You can call the Department of Building Inspection, Inspection Services at 628-652-3400 to report potential noise violations. 

For construction beyond the allowed hours, you can call the SF Police Department's non-emergency line at 415-553-0123 during construction.

You can also file noise complaints with SF311.

Street parking

Construction projects often require the use of street parking for trucks or construction debris boxes.

Street Space Permits are issued by the Department of Public Works. For more information, call 628-271-2000.

Illegal construction

If you suspect illegal construction or work without permits, you can file a complaint and we will investigate. You will need to provide the property address and the type of work being done.


File a complaint online.

By phone

During normal business hours, call Inspection Services at 628-652-3400.

Outside of normal business hours, call 311

Find your local district inspector

District inspectors are assigned to geographic areas in San Francisco. They help ensure that construction is code-complaint and built according to the approved plans.

Find your district inspector.

Last updated November 4, 2022