Section J: Employer Reporting Requirements (HCSO Administrative Guidance)

Answers from the Employer Reporting Requirements section of the HCSO Administrative Guidance.

1. Are there any reporting requirements under the HCSO?

Yes; Covered Employers must submit an Annual Reporting Form to the OLSE by April 30th of each year.  This is a web-based form that must be submitted online.  It is available on the HCSO website by April 1 each year.  Covered Employers who fail to make a timely submission will be in violation of the HCSO and shall be subject to penalties.

Employers are strongly encouraged to review the Instructions for the Annual Reporting Form to ensure compliance with this reporting requirement.  To receive an email notification each year when the Annual Reporting Form is available, please sign up for the HCSO Email List.

Updated January 6, 2016

Last updated October 19, 2023