Mayor Breed's vision

As economic changes continue to emerge in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Breed has laid out a vision for the future of Downtown.

Compilation photo of 5 priorities

“In the post-pandemic world, our Downtown is undergoing a shift because of changes in how people work and how businesses operate. The impacts of these shifts are hurting our economy, Downtown small businesses and neighborhoods, and our ability to fund the critical services residents need and deserve. This Roadmap calls for programs, investments, and policy changes, but more importantly it calls for an all-hands approach to supporting our city’s future, and that is just the start. We will work with the business community, residents, and our workforce to implement these solutions and develop new ones. This moment demands action and ingenuity. Downtown’s future will be determined not by those who look in on us from far away, but by the people who care about San Francisco and are committed to doing the work every day to lift this city up.” 

– Mayor London N. Breed 

Five priorities

This work will focus on five key areas that respond to today’s needs and guide our city into its next chapter. This vision imagines a Downtown that provides:

  • An economically diverse and resilient job engine 
  • A welcoming, clean, and safe environment 
  • A dynamic destination active at all hours, every day 
  • A world-class transportation experience 
  • An equitable economy that supports full participation by all

An economically diverse and resilient job engine

San Francisco will use this opportunity to broaden our economic base by increasing the range of industries and jobs locating here to reflect the Bay Area’s diverse economy. Downtown San Francisco will be known as the most productive and innovative business district in the country. It will remain the launchpad for cutting edge industries, while building out sectors that create new advantages and opportunities. The shifting nature of work will create new opportunities for businesses to locate in San Francisco, allow Downtown to position itself as the region’s primary location for key face-to-face meetings and interactions, and enable companies to connect to a talented workforce with a wide range of skills. Increased flexibility in how Downtown buildings and spaces are used will allow new forms of work and activities to emerge that will bring a dynamic energy to San Francisco and reaffirm its position as a leading economy into the future.

A welcoming, clean, and safe environment

Downtown’s public realm will be thoughtfully designed, well-maintained and inviting, including its streets, sidewalks, plazas, parks, and other open spaces. Public spaces will offer an environment that visitors and workers actively seek out. Pedestrians will feel at ease making their way through our streets and sidewalks, which will be walkable, clean and safe. Downtown San Francisco will be known as a pedestrian paradise celebrated for its beauty and uniqueness.

A dynamic destination active at all hours every day

Downtown will be a destination for everyone - residents, workers and visitors from around the city, the region and around the world - that offers unique only-in-San Francisco experiences day and night. Downtown will not only be a place to gather for work, but the backdrop for civic celebrations, political and creative expression, and all manner of social and cultural pursuit. It will provide the platform where people come to create new concepts and share innovative endeavors to the world. Arts, culture, recreation, and entertainment offerings will add to existing and new retail, culinary, and nightlife attractions to create a compelling one-of-a-kind destination throughout the year.

A world-class transportation experience

The journey to and through Downtown will be easy and convenient, accessible by an exceptional range of efficient and sustainable travel modes. Pedestrians and cyclists will enjoy a safe and easily navigable environment. Transit stations, ferry terminals, bike stations, sidewalks, plazas, and other gateways into Downtown will be clean and safe, and incorporate art and activations that showcase the best aspects of the city. Downtown will exemplify San Francisco’s transit-first vision with frequent, fast, clean, and reliable public transit options that are easy to navigate. It will remain at the center of the city and region’s transit network with ongoing investments that deepen connectivity to the rest of the region and beyond.

An equitable economy that supports full participation by all

Downtown will be a place that is welcoming and reflects the true diversity of our city. We will celebrate our proud history as one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the nation. Inclusivity will be embedded in every aspect of our economic recovery. Greater economic diversity will offer a wider range of job opportunities while new communities and cultures will be invited to participate in Downtown activities, and expanded transit options will make Downtown more accessible. Coordinated efforts to reduce barriers to opening and growing a business will expand the ethnic and racial diversity among Downtown businesses and entrepreneurs. Strategic partnerships and programs will ensure that San Francisco and Bay Area residents have the skills, preparation and networks to access, succeed and advance in quality jobs. Through dedicated and ongoing investment in housing production across the city and region, the Bay Area will welcome everyone seeking the promise that a thriving economy offers.

Last updated February 9, 2023