San Francisco Economic Recovery Dashboards

Data about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the San Francisco economy and its progress towards economic recovery.

The COVID-19 pandemic deeply impacted the San Francisco economy. This page offers several metrics to help people understand how the city was impacted and track how it is recovering from the effects of the pandemic. To learn more about the City's economic recovery efforts, see the Roadmap to San Francisco's Future.

Data measures help us see how our economy has changed and how the city and our community have been impacted by these changes. We track measures about tourism, office attendance, jobs, and more to measure the state of our economy. We use maps and information on race and ethnicity, age, and gender to understand where changes have focused and whom has been impacted in what ways. This information gives us insight into what economic development strategies we might create to support the economic health of our city, to track the effectiveness of those strategies, and to inform our equitable response.

We are committed to providing accurate and reliable data to the public. The data notes on each dashboard explain data sources and limitations.

The Office of Economic Analysis in the Office of the Controller also publishes a monthly “Status of the San Francisco Economy” report.


Economic Activity

San Francisco Population and Migration

Track how many San Franciscans moved into and out of the city each year.

San Francisco Office Attendance

Track how many workers are reporting in-person to the office each month.

San Francisco Tourism

Track the San Francisco tourism industry with monthly hotel data and quarterly airport data.

San Francisco BART ridership

Track how many people are travelling to downtown on BART each month.

Economic Equity

San Francisco Monthly Unemployment

Track unemployment and labor force data for San Francisco each month.

San Francisco Unemployment by ZIP Code

Track average annual unemployment by San Francisco ZIP code.

San Francisco Income After Housing

Track how much income San Franciscans have after paying rent and housing costs each year.

Economic Recovery

San Francisco Employment by Industry

Track job trends in San Francisco industries each month.

San Francisco Office Space Vacancy

Track supply of office space in San Francisco each quarter.

San Francisco Sales Tax

Track how much sales tax each San Francisco neighborhood produces each quarter.