Drop-In Centers for people experiencing homelessness

Visit a Drop-In Center for food or other services, like a shower or medical assistance.

About Drop-In Centers

A Drop-In Center is a place that provides non-shelter services such as showers, internet access, or case management.

In most cases these services are free and some shower and laundry supplies could be provided. Some Drop-In centers charge a small fee. Some shower times are reserved by gender so it's best to call beforehand.

Hours of operation for each Drop-In Center can vary. Call before going there to confirm, if you can.

List of External Organization Drop-In Centers

Note that these drop-in centers listed below are external organizations, and not an agency of the City and County of San Francisco. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided below. 


A Woman's Place (AWP)

  • 415-487-2140
  • 1049 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA


St. Anthony's Foundation

Last updated September 7, 2023