Create a plan to make an entrance accessible

These considerations will help you develop a plan for making a business entrance accessible.

If your business entrance is classified as Category 2, 3, or 4, you will need changes to comply with accessibility requirements.

If you can use 1 of these common solutions (in order of priority), include it in your plan:

Change the building entrance

See if you can make 1 of these changes to make the entrance accessible:

  • Remove a stoop and ramp the entry
  • Widen the door
  • Install a power door operator
  • Use an inclined platform or regular platform lift

If so, show on your plan how you will make the change.

If you cannot change the building, consider these exterior changes

If there is a physical constraint stopping you from making building changes, explain it in your plans.

Then, see if you can either:

  • Warp the sidewalk (first preference), or
  • Install a ramp to make the entrance usable (second preference)

Include your choice in your plans.

If your plan involves changing the sidewalk or curb, contact Public Works' Street Division at 415-558-6060 for review and approval.

Technical infeasibility or unreasonable hardship

In some cases, the proposed changes may be technically infeasible or pose an unreasonable hardship. 

Work with the owner or tenant to make a plan to offer the business’s goods and services in another way. 

Possible methods include (but are not limited to):

  • Curbside service
  • Home delivery
  • Installing a sliding window

Any alternative method should give persons with disabilities maximum independence in accessing the goods or services and pose no danger to their health or safety. 

You must get approval to use an alternate method of delivery. Clearly document that the physical modifications listed above cannot be made and submit to the Compliance Unit and/or the Access Appeals Commission (AAC) for review.

Last updated May 19, 2022