Fill out the Category Checklist Compliance form

Complete the form to finish your business entrance accessibility evaluation.

What to do

1. Fill out the form

Fill out all 6 sections of the Category Checklist Compliance form to tell us that you have an accessible entrance.

Section 1: Administrative information


  • Block/lot number
  • Building address
  • Owner name and contact info
  • Tenant/agent name and contact info

Section 2: Street view of entry

Take photos showing a clear street view of each primary entrance you evaluate. 

Section 3: Primary entry compliance checklist

You will be asked a series of code compliance questions. Check the yes, no, or N/A box to mark your answers. 

The Technical Specifications Guidelines can answer your code questions.

Section 4: Category determination

Based on your checklist answers, choose your entrance’s category:

Category 1: No steps or other barriers
Category 2: No steps but other barriers
Category 3: 1 step with other barriers
Category 4: More than 1 step with other barriers

If you are evaluating an entire building with multiple entrances into multiple public accommodations, you may classify the entire building as the category of the least accessible entrance. 

Section 5: Proposed barrier remediation

If you have a Category 1 entrance, skip this section.
Business entrances classified as Category 2, 3, or 4 must create a plan to make the entrance accessible.

Once you have a plan, describe it in this section of the checklist form.

Section 6: Signature

Sign and date the form. Include your stamp or CASp number. 

Check the box that best describes your relationship to the property.

2. Complete the remaining steps

Return to the step-by-step.

If you have a Category 1 entrance, go to Step 5 to submit the form.

If you have a Category 2, 3, or 4 entrance, go to Step 4 to get a Planning review.

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Last updated November 16, 2022