Anchor your recreational vessel in Clipper Cove

Clipper Cove is a location for short-term anchorages. The Cove is a designated Special Use Area with Rules and Regulations and Anchorage Permit requirements.

Clipper Cove Rules and Regulations

All vessels and vessel owner/operators must adhere to the Clipper Cove Rules and Regulations.  Violation of any Rules and Regulations, or of any local, state or federal maritime regulations, is grounds for revocation of an Anchorage Permit or issuance of a Clipper Cove Citation.

Anchorage terms

Any vessel anchored in Clipper Cove for 24 hours or more must posses a Clipper Cove Anchorage Permit. 

Vessels anchored for daytime visits do not require an Anchorage Permit if the anchorage is for less than 24 hours.

The maximum allowable term for a Clipper Cove Anchorage Permit is 96 hours (4 days) from the vessel's entry into Clipper Cove.

Clipper Cove Anchorage Permit

TIDA issues Clipper Cove Anchorage Permits to recreational vessels only.  Vessel owner/operators may apply for an anchorage permit through an online form or by calling 415-274-0382 and following the voicemail prompts.

Emergencies and reporting issues

In the event of an emergency on the waters of Clipper Cove, dial 911

In the event of an oil spill or chemical release within Clipper Cove, report immediately to the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802

For non-emergencies on the water requiring SF Police Department attention, dial 415-553-0123

To report violations of the Clipper Cove No Wake Zone restrictions:

  • Notify Treasure Isle Marina dockmaster at the Marina office; or
  • Report the incident to SF 311 by calling 311 or using the SF 311 mobile app; or
  • Notify TIDA by phone at 415-274-0660.

Please include as much information as possible regarding the incident including vessel description, identifying vessel CF or registration number and nature of activity.  Vessels identified as violating No Wake provisions will have their Anchorage Permit revoked and will ineligible for an Anchorage Permit.

To report a marine mammal injured or in distress within Clipper Cove, notify the Marine Mammal Center at 415-289-SEAL (7325)

Last updated May 19, 2022