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Sign in to MyChart to ask for an appointment, view your health record, contact your doctor, and pay your bill.

What to do

Sign in to MyChart

Use this patient portal to:

  • Manage your appointments
  • Ask for a refill
  • View ordered tests and results
  • Ask a question 
  • Pay a bill or get billing help

Get help logging in to MyChart

Get help logging in to MyChart

If you did not get log-in credentials during your health appointment, you can sign up after your visit.

Try one of these ways:

A. Find your "activation code"

If we gave you an "After Visit Summary" or enrollment letter, check it for an access or activation code.

Use the code to sign up for MyChart:

  1. Go to MyChart sign up
  2. Enter your:
    • Activation code (from After Visit Summary or enrollment letter)
    • ZIP code
    • Date of birth

B. Use the sign-up link 

If we sent you an email or text message to sign up for MyChart:

  1. Follow the link 
  2. Make a user name and password 
  3. Enter your date of birth
  4. Select "submit" 

C. Verify details without a code or link

If you do not have a sign-up link or an activation code:

  1. Go to MyChart: No activation code
  2. Fill out the information
  3. Follow the instructions to log in to MyChart

If you are not able to follow these steps

Call us for help

MyChart help desk

Monday thru Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Or sign up in person

  • Visit your clinic or
  • Go to the Medical Records office:

Medical Records Office

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center
1001 Potrero Avenue
Building 5, Floor 2, Room 2B
San Francisco, CA 94110
View location on google maps

Get help


MyChart help desk

Monday to Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Last updated April 3, 2023