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We'll enroll you in health coverage if you do not have insurance. We welcome people of any immigration status.

What to do

1. Call to get an enrollment appointment

We will schedule a time for you to enroll over the phone with a certified enrollment worker.

Patient Access Enrollment Office

Monday to Friday
8 am to noon
1 to 5 pm

2. Gather documents for your appointment

Have the following documents ready when you enroll:

  • Photo ID 
    Like a driver's license, resident card, passport, or city ID
  • Proof of residency
    Something that shows where you live, like a rental agreement, utility bill, tax bill, or bank statement
  • Proof of household income
    Like your most recent pay stub, a tax return, unemployment, disability, Social Security, or retirement
  • Proof of household assets
    Like your most recent bank statement (checking or savings) or statements from retirement accounts

This information will help us find out if you can get in an available health care coverage program. We will let you know during your appointment if we need other documents.

Insurance and coverage programs

Insurance and coverage programs

We will help you apply for any of the following health care programs:

Special cases

If you need to reenroll

If you need to reenroll

Follow the same steps listed, even if you had care through the network before. We will make sure you get into the right program.

Get help


Patient Access Enrollment Office

Make an appointment to enroll in the health network.

Last updated March 24, 2023