Get Paid Parental Leave benefits

You can get up to 8 weeks of additional benefits from your employer if you receive California Paid Family Leave.

What to do

1. Check if you are eligible

You must meet all of these requirements to be eligible for Paid Parental Leave benefits:

  • Work for an employer with 20 or more employees
  • Be eligible to receive California Paid Family Leave to bond with a new child
  • Have been working for an employer for at least 180 days before leave starts
  • Work for your employer in San Francisco for at least 8 hours a week
  • Work at least 40% of your total hours for the employer in San Francisco. For example:
    • 16 hours if you work full-time (40 hours a week)
    • 8 hours if you work half-time (20 hours a week)

Learn more about how it works, including weekly payment cap.

2. Fill out the form

Print out and complete the Paid Parental Leave form.

The form is also available in Chinese and Spanish.

If you have more than one Covered Employer, submit a completed form to each employer.

3. Make a copy of your “Notice of Computation”

Notice of Computation is a document that has your weekly benefit amount.

When you were approved for California Paid Family Leave (PFL), you should have received a “Notice of Computation” from Employment Development Department (EDD). 

If you are getting State Disability Insurance (SDI) benefits before PFL, use the Notice of Computation from your SDI claim.

If you did not get your Notice of Computation, contact EDD to ask for one. 

4. Submit documents to your employer

Give your employer:

  • Your completed Paid Parental Leave Form
  • Your Notice of Computation from EDD

Check in with your employer in a few weeks about the status of your application. 

5. Tell your employer when you receive your first PFL payment

Your employer may ask for your Paid Family Leave payment documents, like Notice of Payment or Electronic Benefit Payment Notification. Keep those documents handy in case you need them. 

Once you have submitted the above, you should start getting Paid Parental Leave payments from your employer. 

Extra help

If your employer is not following the above steps, call 415-554-4190 or email

Get help

If you have questions or wish to report a problem.


Last updated October 25, 2023