Get help reporting substandard living conditions

Call a housing inspector, or find a community organization to help you get needed repairs in your rental.

What to do

You can file a complaint to get a potential code violation investigated

If you have questions, call us

You can call the Housing Inspection Services section at the Department of Building Inspection with questions about potential code violations.

Housing Inspection Services

Leave a voicemail with your street address. We will forward your request to the housing inspector for your address.

You can also directly call the housing inspector assigned to your area. Find your district inspector on the map.

Partner organizations

Partner organizations

You can also contact one of our community partners with questions

See map to learn which organization is assigned to your address. They can:

  • Answer your questions about your rights living in a habitable rental
  • Help you notify your landlord in writing about needed repairs 
  • Act as a liaison between you and the Department of Building Inspection when you need to get repairs
  • Attend workshops about what you can do to ensure living rentals are up to code

Get help

Last updated September 15, 2022