Get a diagnostic test or service

Find out how to get a specialty test at the hospital, like an X-ray, lab work, or an ultrasound.

What to do

1. Enroll in the San Francisco Health Network

Before you can get a diagnostic test, you need to be a patient at a San Francisco Health Network clinic.

How to enroll in the health network.

2. Get a referral from your doctor

A "referral" is a written order for the test.

Talk with the doctor at your assigned health network clinic. They have to make a referral for you to get a specialty test. 

Login to your MyChart account to ask for an appointment.

3. Prepare for your test

Your doctor will submit the request for your test with the appropriate specialist. You might see the order for your test in your MyChart patient portal.

To find out more about:

  • Diagnostic tests at the hospital
  • How to prepare
  • How to find the right testing location

View testing and diagnostic services at Zuckerberg San Francisco General.

4. View your results

After your test, wait for results to show up in your MyChart patient portal.

Your doctor will usually leave a message and explain your results to you within the same timeframe.

If you need help understanding information from your test, leave a message for your clinic team.

Get help


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Last updated April 3, 2023