Get contracting opportunities with the City or a department

Find current contracting opportunities available throughout the City or with a specific department.

What to do

1. Search for open City Contracts

Many of the City’s open general and professional services contract opportunities are advertised through the City’s Supplier Portal. Use the Supplier Portal to search for:

  • Contracting opportunities 
  • Businesses to partner or subcontract with

2. Search for a department contract

Some City departments that conduct a high volume of contracting have their own contract portals.

Visit the portals or contact individual departments:

(TICD and UCSF are not City-run departments, but creating contracting opportunities for small business professionals is an objective of the development projects.)

3. Check with individual departments

If there’s a department or service area that you’re interested in with no currently advertised contracts, you may also want to visit the department’s website to receive updates on future contracting and funding opportunities.

Last updated January 24, 2024