Fight the flu. Get the flu vaccine.

Everyone 6 months and older should get a flu vaccine every year.

Why should I get a flu vaccine?

The vaccine protects everyone's health

A flu vaccination is the best protection against influenza.


When you’re vaccinated against flu, you are less likely to catch the flu and less likely to infect others, including people at high risk of developing serious flu complications or death.


Those who are at highest risk include young children, older adults, pregnant people, people who smoke, or anyone with chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease.


If you get the vaccine and still get the flu, your symptoms will likely be less severe and your chances of hospitalization or death due to flu will be lower.


COVID-19 and flu symptoms are similar

Flu and COVID-19 have similar symptoms including fever, chills, cough, headache, body aches, sore throat and fatigue.


If you or your child become ill, it may not be easy to know which disease they have — the flu or COVID-19.


People with symptoms of the flu should call their healthcare provider, and get tested for COVID-19. You will need to isolate while awaiting test results.


The flu vaccine can be given at the same time as the COVID-19 vaccine/booster or mpox vaccine.


See more flu facts from the Department of Public Health.

"Senior" flu vaccines are available for those 65 years and older

The "senior" flu vaccines are the Fluzone High-Dose, Flublok and Fluad.


Studies show they are more effective for older adults than the regular flu vaccine.


Learn more about them here: Flu & People 65 Years and Older.


You can also receive a regular flu shot if you are 65 and older.


Where and how do I get a flu vaccine?

For people with insurance

For people with insurance

For people with insurance, flu vaccines are widely available without cost to the patient as a preventive service from their regular healthcare provider. Pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS also accept insurance.

To find a flu vaccine at a location near you, contact your healthcare provider or visit Make sure to call and verify that the info is correct before visiting the location in person.

If your regular health care provider does not have the flu vaccine, some DPH and partner organizations will be offering flu vaccines to both uninsured patients and patients with insurance.

For more details and a list of San Francisco locations that offer free or low-cost flu vaccinations, visit our Flu Vaccines site.

For people without insurance

For people without insurance

SFDPH is offering many opportunities to get a free flu vaccine for people without insurance.

San Francisco Neighborhood Vaccine Sites offer Flu, COVID, and mpox vaccines, free to the uninsured and SFHN patients. 

AITC Immunization and Travel Clinic has flu vaccines available to the public, many for free or at low-cost. Check the AITC website or call (415) 554-2625 for hours and availability. Appointments required.

The San Francisco Free Clinic located at 4900 California Street is offering flu shots for uninsured persons only and appointments are required. Please call 415-750-9894 for more information.

San Francisco Health Network clinics offer free or low cost flu vaccines to San Francisco residents, please call (415) 682-1740 for information on current locations and availability. Appointments may be required.

For more details and a list of San Francisco locations that offer free or low-cost flu vaccinations, visit Flu Vaccines site

Hospitals, clinics and other settings across the city have taken every precaution to ensure patients are safe when getting vaccinated.

Get your flu vaccine!

In this video

Kids know why you should get a flu vaccine this year.


If you take a flu shot you won't get sick.

If I gave it to my family then they could give it to other people and a  bunch of people could get sick. 

You get a lollipop after.

I’m being really bossy to you because you have to do it.

Aren't we dealing with enough of COVID-19.

If mom has the flu she can't go to work and make money.

You have to suck it up and do it because it will only hurt for a second.

It only hurts the tiny bits.

It puts superheroes in your arms to  help you get better, sort of, you know.

One, two, three boom you're done.

They like do something to help but like I don't know.

People get your flu shot.

If you don't have it well something bad could happen.

You have to go get your flu shot or else.

Don't be scared just get it and be brave.

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