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TechSF serves businesses in all sectors with unique opportunities to engage our tech talent pool

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TechSF aims to close the tech sector skills gap by tapping new talent pipelines for the industry. We offer the following:

TechSF Apprenticeship

Through the TechSF Apprenticeship, your business can offer apprenticeship opportunities to new tech talent.

Our program offers many benefits to both businesses and apprentices:

  • Professional growth and employee retention - over 95% of TechSF Apprentices have become full time employees.
  • Access to pre-screened, trained candidates
  • Access to diverse candidates
  • Quality apprenticeships registered with the US Department of Labor


If you are a San Francisco-based company looking to explore TechSF Apprenticeship, contact:

If you are a company in the surrounding Bay Area looking to explore TechSF Apprenticeship, contact:

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Last updated October 3, 2023