Find mental health services through your primary care team

Get treatment for issues like mild to moderate depression, anxiety and stress.

What to do

1. Enroll in the SF Health Network

Mental health and substance abuse services, also known as Primary Care Behavioral Health services, are available to patients who are enrolled at a SF Health Network primary care clinic.

SF Health Network Enrollment

2. Speak to your health provider

Your primary care provider will discuss your concerns with you and can refer you to Primary Care Behavioral Health services. Staff can meet with you in person, by video, or by telephone depending on your needs.

What can I get help with?

What can I get help with?

Our Behavioral Health Clinicians treat mild to moderate symptoms of:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • coping with pain
  • stress
  • sleep problems
  • alcohol and substance use
  • other common mental health issues

Treatment is short-term to reduce symptoms and improve daily functioning. Treatment can be from 1 to 10 sessions. Behavioral Health Clinicians can also help connect patients to longer-term services, if needed.

Our Behavioral Assistants help with:

  • obtaining medical equipment (ex. wheelchairs, walkers)
  • housing support
  • access to food, shelter, and clothing
  • connecting to legal services and benefits

Primary Care Behavioral Health Team

Primary Care Behavioral Health staff are part of your care team so you can easily access their services in your primary care clinic. The team has three members: Behavioral Health Clinician, Behavioral Assistant, and the consulting Psychiatrist. 

  • Behavioral Health Clinicians use screening tools and short term treatment to improve your mental health. 
  • Behavioral Assistants help people with their basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, benefits, and medical equipment.
  • Consulting Psychiatrists help the care team by giving treatment suggestions--for example, medications for mental health.

Get help

Enroll or make an appointment with your health provider


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Last updated February 6, 2024