Find lost personal belongings

For people experiencing homelessness, get your missing items back from a storage yard if they had been moved.

What to do

Find your missing items

If you left your items unattended, it is possible that Department of Public Works (DPW) may have taken them to a storage yard. Items picked up by DPW are bagged and tagged. DPW will not store wet or moldy clothing, food, trash, or anything else with health concerns. 

Reclaim your items

Go to DPW Storage Yard at 2323 Cesar Chavez St., Marin & Kansas Streets gate. For the first 72 hours after we remove your items from the street, we store them in a holding area. You can get them back 24 hours a day. After this period, come during Monday through Friday, 9am to 3pm. Call 415-695-2134 if you come after hours. There is a guard at the gate that will help people locate their items. 

To help you, we will need:

  • Date and time of the pickup (or when you lost your items)
  • Location of your items
  • Description of the items
  • SFPD Badge number (if you have one)

Storage duration

Your items will be stored for up to 90 days if collected by Public Works, and up to 120 days if collected by the Police Department. If you do not get your items back within these time frames your items will be disposed.

Shopping carts cannot be reclaimed. They are given to a cart retrieval company for return to the retailer.

Last updated September 1, 2023