About us

Our mission

It is the mission of the San Francisco Law Library to provide the judiciary, the public, the bar, and city, county, and state officials free access and use of legal reference materials in order that they may conduct their legal affairs and preserve their legal rights.

What we do

We provide access to justice through free legal resources, seminars and workshops, community outreach, and more.

We work with legal professionals, San Francisco and California officials, and members of the public. Our staff can:

  • Help with legal research issues
  • Recommend sources
  • Propose useful approaches and alternatives
  • Suggest framing for a research project
  • Arrange library space to rent for a legal need
  • Partner with related organizations to offer community outreach

We cannot give legal advice.

Our history

The San Francisco Law Library was established in 1870. It was the first county law library in the state of California, and the model for the statewide county law library system.

Today, it is the only public law library in San Francisco. 

How we're funded

The majority of our funding comes from civil filing fees.

We're not funded by state or local tax dollars.

The City and County of San Francisco provides our building, utilities, funding for 3 positions, and a small sum for supplies.

Our governance 

We're overseen by a Board of Trustees


Marcia R. Bell, Director
Diane Rodriguez, Assistant Director
Jean McGuinness, Admin Assistant/Finance

Reference Librarians
Courtney Nguyen
Aaron Parsons
Andrea Woods 

Library Assistants
Fabiola Baeza
Michael Layton 

Technical Services Team
The technical services team processes, maintains, and catalogs library materials.
Fiona Aprim - Head of Technical Services 
Sean Hopkinson - Cataloger