Technology policy for the San Francisco Law Library

This policy covers the rules patrons must follow when using library computers, printers, and copiers.

About this policy

In order to use library computers, printers, wireless system, copiers, and other technology, patrons are required to comply with all library rules and the instructions of staff.

Failure to comply with computer use and technology rules, library rules, or the directives of staff may result in the suspension or revocation of computer and library privileges. 

Please notify library staff immediately if there is a problem with library computers, copier, printer or other technology.

Permission to use library technology

  1. Computer use is limited to legal research, which means retrieving information from the library’s legal databases, catalog, website, government websites, and preparation of legal documents.
  2. Non-legal internet searches or research, preparation of personal documents, and email are not permitted using library technology. If necessary, email may be used only to send legal research results.
  3. Computer use is controlled by the Cybrarian software system which permits up to 2 hours per day of computer or wireless use time per person, and a total of 2 hours per day for 2 people who use a computer together.
  4. Use of library technology to engage in any illegal purpose, including but not limited to violation of federal copyright laws, is prohibited.
    Users may not:
    • Access the library computer system, programs, or data without authorization
    • Make any attempt to damage library equipment, software, or alter computer
    • Attach peripheral devices (printers, CD-ROM drives, keyboards, scanners, cellular/mobile
      phones, tablets, etc.) in the library
    • Invade the privacy of others
    • Engage in any activity that is harassing or defamatory
  5. Staff may monitor the computers for compliance with library rules and makes the determination of what is appropriate technology use, and may terminate any computer session not in compliance.
  6. Patrons shall not interfere with or obstruct the use of the library’s computers in such a manner so as to constitute a nuisance to others. Patrons must confine their personal and research materials to their immediate work space and cannot intrude upon the work space of another patron by spreading out their personal belongings or research materials.
  7. The library is not responsible for any lost data or damages arising from computer, internet, printer, or electrical malfunction.
  8. Patrons are expected to use the computers with minimal guidance from library staff. Staff cannot offer detailed training on computer use and may need to limit personal instruction.

Using the computer and wireless systems

  1. Free WiFi is available as #CCSF_GUEST in your own device WiFi settings. No password required and library databases are not accessible via guest WiFi. Please note this network is not secure but allows free access to the City of San Francisco public WiFi network.
  2. Users are required to present a valid ID at the information desk in order to use library computers by obtaining a daily guest bar code for the day.
  3. To use a library computer, users may select any vacant computer and enter the guest bar code onto the log-in screen to begin the session.
  4. Computer users may use the library’s systems for a maximum of two hours per day. Users do not need to complete their two hours at one time.
  5. If all computers are in use, users may join the queue to reserve the next available computer the Information Desk.
    • Notify the librarian at the Information Desk that you request a reservation for a computer.
    • Staff will notify you of the next available computer when it becomes available.
    • After notification that a computer is available, the patron must log in to that computer within five minutes or the session will be canceled.
  6. The computer areas of the library shall be kept free and clear. Patrons are not permitted to wait for a computer in those areas, but must wait in other library areas until notified by staff that their reserved computer is free.
  7. A computer may only be used by the person who signed in for it.
  8. No more than 2 people may use a computer together and only if they do not disturb other library patrons.
    • Two people using a computer together are permitted the use of only one bar code and a total of two hours per day.
    • Neither person may extend their use of the computer by obtaining a second bar code.
    • Because of space limitations and to respect the comfort of other patrons, please share a computer only if absolutely necessary.
  9. If patrons do not use a full two-hour session in one sitting, they shall promptly sign off in order to reserve remaining time for additional research later in the day. Adjustments to a person’s two hour per day allotment cannot be made if a person leaves a computer session running.
  10. To use a computer again if one’s 2-hour limit has not been reached, users may log in to any vacant computer, or if none are vacant, they may reserve the next available computer at the reservation computer. (See number 5 above.)
  11. A message will appear on the screen to notify users that five minutes are left in their session. At the end of the session, users’ work will automatically be deleted, unless it is saved on a flash drive before the session ends. (Flash drives may be purchased at the information desk or patrons may bring their own.)
  12. Additional hours of research time can be purchased in one-hour increments for $10 per hour. Partial hours are not available for purchase. Additional hours can only be used on date of purchase and are non-transferable. All sales are final, and no refunds will be issued for time not used. The purchase of additional research time must be completed 90 minutes prior to the library’s closing time: Monday–Friday by 3:30pm.
  13. Patrons shall promptly move their belongings at the conclusion of their computer session so that others may use the computer. Delay in doing so constitutes interference and obstruction with the library’s computers and is a nuisance to others.
  14. The catalog and reservation computers may not be used for legal research.
  15. Computer workstations shall be used only for computer research. Patrons must be signed onto an active computer session to sit at those workstations.  They may not use them as general study tables.

Self-serve printing and copying

  1. Printing is limited to legal documents (e.g., pleadings, briefs) and legal research materials only. Photos, personal documents, emails, and documents may not be printed.
  2. Patrons must pay for all print requests prior to receiving the printed copies. The library is not responsible for unintended print jobs.
  3. No refunds will be made for prints or copies.
  4. The self-serve printer and copier accept coins, $1 and $5 bills. The library is not able to change $10 and $20 bills. There are stores and banks nearby which patrons may want to visit to obtain smaller bills.
  5. There are no prepaid cards for the self-print printer and copier.
  6. Patrons are responsible for frequently saving their work and for making sure their print jobs complete before their computer session ends.
    • Patrons should begin the saving or printing process while ample time remains on the computer session to allow for difficulties with printing and for staff assistance with any issues.
  7. It may not be possible to resolve every computer question or issue as the combination of the internet, browser, end site, network, etc. may cause computers to freeze up, prints to become lost, or things to otherwise not work as expected.
  8. All computers, printers, and copiers shut down 15 minutes before the library closes. 
  9. All prints must be retrieved and paid for prior to 15 minutes before the library closes.

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Last updated September 7, 2023