About us

Who we are

The Controller is the chief financial officer and auditor for the City and County of San Francisco. Our team includes financial, tech, accounting, analytical and other professionals who work hard to secure San Francisco's financial integrity and promote efficient, effective, and accountable government. We hold ourselves to high standards and strive to be a model for good government. We value the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and lived experiences of our teams and clients in everything we do. We work in a collaborative and inclusive environment, promote equal opportunity, and invest in the professional development and wellbeing of our team members. Our employees are committed to serving the public with integrity and want to see positive impacts from our work. We strive to be a model for good government and to make the City a better place to live and work.

What we do

We are responsible for governance and conduct of key aspects of the City's financial operations, including:

  • Operating the City's financial systems and issuing its financial procedures
  • Maintaining the City's internal control environment
  • Processing payroll for City employees
  • Managing the City's bonds and debt portfolio
  • Processing and monitoring the City's budget

We conduct audits and produce regular reports on the City's financial and economic condition and the operations and performance of City government.