Our vision:

The African American Reparations Advisory Committee advises the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, the Human Rights Commission, and the public on the development of a San Francisco Reparations Plan.

The Plan will highlight ways that City policies have harmed Black lives. It will also include specific actions to address discrimination and inequities in areas such as housing, education, transit access, and food security. The Committee is comprised of 15 appointed members who work across several subcommittees.

Our mission:

The AARAC is a committee that develops recommendations for repairing harm in our Black communities.


Draft San Francisco Reparations Plan - Published December 2022

Community Voices Report - The Human Rights Impact of the War on Drugs

Environmental Racism A Status Report and Recommendations

African American Quality of Life Report Comparison 2011

Fair-Chance Implementation Case Studies for Government Agencies

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2012 3rd Grade STAR Test Proficiency Levels

African American Community Empowerment Initiative Progress Report

A Human Relations Report for San Francisco - Report to Mayor Christopher

Report by the Interim Committee on Human Relations 1964

Preliminary Reparations Program - National African American Reparations Commission

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The Unfinished Agenda - The Economic Status of African Americans in San Francisco 1964-1990

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Roots, Race, Place - A History of Racially Exclusionary Housing in the San Francisco Bay Area

Administrative Code - Establishing African American Reparations Advisory Committee