About us

Our vision

To simplify access to San Francisco City services and information for all.

Why we're here

SF 311 was founded in 2007 by Mayor Gavin Newsom. 

With over 50 City agencies and over 1,000 phone numbers listed to access local government services, many people don't know what number to dial to reach the appropriate department. We're here to make things simpler, with only 2 numbers to remember:

911 for emergencies and 311 for everything else.

Our mission

To connect San Francisco residents, visitors, and businesses with city information and services via the communication channel of their choice - phone, mobile, web, or Twitter - 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

We seek to enable the government to be transparent, responsive, effective, and efficient by:

  • Serving as a single point of entry for and resolution of information and service requests
  • Supporting diverse communities by providing language translation services in over 160 languages
  • Continually integrating updated information from across government agencies
  • Improving government service delivery through performance reporting, analysis, automation, and agency coordination
  • Supporting emergency response for the government and community through information and communications