COVID-19 hospitalizations

Hospitalized COVID-19 cases in acute care and intensive care units in San Francisco. 

COVID-19 hospitalizations are an important indicator of the spread and severity of COVID-19 in San Francisco.  

Total hospitalized COVID-19 cases

Hospitalizations include all hospital patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. 

On this dashboard we show COVID-19 patients in acute care and intensive care units. Acute care units treat patients with illnesses and injuries including recovery from surgeries. Intensive care units treat sicker patients in need of critical and life support services.

Data notes and sources

Data notes and sources

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We collect hospitalization data for COVID-19 patients from San Francisco’s hospital systems. Data is based on hospital self-reporting and may be incomplete. Data for past weeks may update as additional information becomes available. The column “Percent of hospitals reporting” shows the percent of hospitals that have reported data each day. If “Percent hospitals reporting” shows 100% that means all SF hospitals have submitted data. If “Percent hospitals reporting” is below 100% then we are missing data from one or more hospital.  

We collect hospitalization data for COVID-19 patients from San Francisco’s hospital systems. These hospitals are included in this data:  

  • Chinese Community Hospital 

  • Dignity hospitals (Saint Francis & St. Mary’s) 

  • Kaiser Hospital 

  • Sutter (CPMC) hospitals 

  • UCSF hospitals 

  • Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital 

  • Veteran's Affairs (SFVA) Hospital

  • Laguna Honda

  • Kentfield Hospital

Patient totals include San Francisco residents and non-residents.