Apply to train for a career in transportation

Get trained and qualified for a DMV Class B Permit to begin a career in transportation with the CityDrive program. Services are offered at no cost, including free access to services and job referrals.

What to do

1. Check if you qualify

Before you can enroll in CityDrive, you will need the following minimum qualifications:

  • Valid California driver's license for 3 years
  • Social Security card
  • Original birth certificate
  • Proof of California residency
  • Authorized to work in the United States
  • Ability to effectively communicate in English

2. Submit an interest form and sign up for training

CityDrive training takes place both in-person and online over two weeks.

Submit an interest form to select an upcoming date for training and orientation. A coordinator will follow up to confirm your enrollment.

3. Complete training

After you attend an online introduction to the program, you will gain access to an online training platform.

A CityDrive coordinator will be available to answer your questions and guide you throughout your training. Once you successfully complete your training and get a Class B permit, you will get help with job referrals to employers in the transportation industry.  

Special cases

Training providers

Training providers


Mission Hiring Hall


Teamsters Local 665

Get help


Mission Hiring Hall

Ask for a CityDrive Coordinator

Last updated October 3, 2023