Apply for a refuse collection route

Get a Refuse Collection Route Permit to pick up trash, recycling, and compost on a specific route.

What to do

1. Review the route notice

We will post a notice when there is an open route permit application notice.

Make sure you understand all required qualifications for the route. We will post any changes to the application requirements on the notice page. It is your responsibility to check for any changes. Learn more about the regulations for refuse collection route permits.

2. Attend our Q&A session

If we have a question and answer session, you are welcome to attend.

3. Complete an application

We will include the application in the new route notice. When you submit your application, include additional documents if required:

  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Declaration of Healthy & Safe Working Conditions
  • Worker’s Compensation Declaration for Regulated Businesses
  • Showing of Need
  • Evidence of Submission of a Project Applicant for Environmental Review
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Operational Competency
  • Program Compliance

You must meet the filing requirements in Chapter 7, Section 3 of the Regulations.

4. Submit your application

Email your application materials to We will send you a Notice of Completed Application to confirm.

5. Pay the application fee

Check the fee schedule for the application fee. Pay the fee on the second floor of the San Francisco Permit Center. Pay the application fee with a credit card or check made out to "San Francisco Department of Public Health". Include your project name and address on the check.

Department of Public Health

Solid Waste
Permit Center
49 South Van Ness
2nd floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
View location on google maps

Next steps

We will let you know within 15 days if you need to fix anything in your application or if it complete. If you need to fix anything in your application, you have 5 days to make any changes. We will post notice of completed application with instructions to request for public hearing online for 15 days. Within 30 days of public hearing (if requested) or the notice of completed application, we will begin evaluation of the application package and make final decision to issue or deny the permit.

Last updated April 18, 2024