The First, First Responders

As a 911 dispatcher, you'll talk to the public, use a radio to talk to police, fire and paramedics.

A day in the life

As a 911 dispatcher you work with police, fire and paramedics to get San Franciscans help in emergencies. 

You'll have a set shift for 6 months and work the same hours even during holidays.  There's overtime working on the holidays.  You can change shifts every 6 months.

You'll need good communication skills and will be speaking to callers under a lot of stress.

You'll be the first person to help someone in an emergency.  You're working behind the scenes, but you help save lives.

You'll get intensive training to be able to make the right decision in an emergency.

It's tough but you know the work is valuable.

In this video

What's it like to be a San Francisco 911 public safety dispatcher