Ways to vote

You can choose to cast your ballot by mail or in person.

By mail

We start mailing ballot packets to all City voters about a month before Election Day. At that time, we also open the accessible vote-by-mail portal to all local voters. We can only count your mail ballot if you return it by Election Day.

In person

We open the City Hall Voting Center to all local voters on October 7. On Election Day, both the Voting Center and all polling places are open for voting. 

Request ballot delivery and pickup

You can allow someone else to pick up a ballot for you. To do so, have them bring a Ballot Pick-up Authorization form to the City Hall Voting Center. In an emergency, you can request ballot delivery or pickup services. To request this service, call 415-554-4375 or email us.

Get help marking your ballot

You can ask a poll worker for help marking your ballot. You can also bring 1 or 2 people (but not your employer or union representative) to help you. Remember, no one can make voting decisions for you.

Voting options after the registration deadline

To get a ballot in the mail for the November 5 election, you must register to vote by October 21. If you miss the deadline and want to vote, you can still do so in person at the City Hall Voting Center or a polling place. Learn more about same day voter registration.

Get help

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Last updated March 25, 2024