The Wall of Change is a reminder of client, services, and officer successes. It displays a truth that we see through our daily work with clients.

The Wall inspires us to strive for the best possible supervision and reentry services, and to see the greatest potential in others.

Jabari Jackson

After being released from custody, Jabari completed residential treatment and aftercare. He is currently in APD’s rental subsidy program (Step Up To Freedom) and in the process of moving into permanent housing. He is a member of the Mentoring Men's Movement (M3) and actively engaged in his community. Most recently he has become a chef at a five-star hotel in Oakland and worked with the CASC’s employment team to get the culinary equipment he needed to start his new career. In his own words, Jabari states, “I have come through the belly of the beast and have emerged on the other side with a new appreciation of life and all that it has to offer."

Alexis Maxwell 

Alexis Maxwell's transformation began in Behavioral Health Court and residential treatment. After completing treatment she transitioned to APD's transitional housing program at the Drake Hotel. While at the Drake, she worked hard and got permanent housing a year later. Alexis is currently a Case Manager II for Larkin Street Youth Services, Rising Up Program, and regularly attends Solutions for Women weekly empowerment group.

Karl Peterson

Karl Peterson has made significant changes in his life. After completing Delancey Street’s two-year residential program, Karl moved into APD’s transitional housing program at the Drake Hotel. During his time at Delancey Street, he developed numerous marketable job skills, most notably was the culinary experience he gained.  In July of 2020, Karl was hired by Tenderloin Housing Clinic (THC). He continues to focus on his recovery and works closely with his probation officer and case manager. He was recognized by the THC for demonstrating their three core values: Be Part of the Solution, Bring Your Best, and Provide Excellent Service.

Tiffany Falstich

Tiffany Falstich's continued journey of recovery and accomplishments in life has truly been remarkable. During her participation in Intensive Supervision Court (ISC), Ms. Falstich participated at Saint Vincent de Paul’s Catherine Center and received case management through UCSF/Citywide. While at Saint Vincent de Paul’s Catherine Center, she attended classes related to outpatient substance abuse, mental health counseling, AA/NA meetings, education, vocational training, and gained employment. After completing a residential program and maintaining her employment, she transferred into a HealthRight 360 transitional sober living program. Upon successfully completing probation in San Francisco, she moved back to her home state of Missouri to reside with her family and eight-year-old son. Ms. Falstich is pursuing a degree in Addiction Studies to become a counselor. She works full-time, has continued to attend AA/NA meetings, receives support from her sponsor, and has continued with maintenance of her medications. Her journey motivates her to help others overcome their addictions and struggles.

Sierra Carney

Sierra Carney is living proof that a person's past does not have to define their future. Her transformation began when she ended up in the Bay Area and was able to transfer her probation to San Francisco. After completing residential treatment at HealthRight 360, she transitioned to APD’s transitional housing program at the Drake Hotel. While at the Drake, she received case management, medication management, and attended classes and groups at the CASC. Sierra has successfully completed probation, obtained permanent housing, and is a member of the Ironworkers Union. “In San Francisco, my PO treated me like a person not just a criminal. They wanted to help me, not just lock me up"

Antoinette Williams

Antoinette Williams’ inspiring story is proof that change is possible with the right support and services. While in custody, Ms. Williams reflected on her life and realized she was going down the wrong path.  She knew she needed to make a change for herself and her children. After being released from jail, she participated in and graduated from the Asian Neighborhood Design and received employment through the Laborers’ Union. After being referred for services at the Community Assessment and Services Center (CASC), Antoinette participated in Sister’s Circle and Mothers Matter. Her probation officer and case manager continues to provide support and guidance and have been instrumental in gaining the foundation she needed to reenter successfully. Ms. Williams was recently promoted to a supervisor positon with Five Keys Schools and Programs at an emergency housing program.  When speaking about her job, Ms. Williams’ said, “I love going to work every day, helping people in need, and giving back.”