SF Department of Technology #WomensHistoryMonth 2019

Video transcript

Arlene Licudine:
I work in technology to make a difference in the City and County of San Francisco. I am proud because whatever you see on the street, DT has got something to do with it. 

Jolie Gines, Principal Administrative Analyst:
I procure all equipment software commodities or other
types of requirements for the technology and service support training and such to support the team for the Department
of Technology, as well as the city. 

Nina D'Amato, Chief of Staff:
I think my favorite aspect that technology is the complexity working with teams to ensure we can break apart complex
problems, ensuring that we can modernize technology efforts, and bring the city into the 21st century when it comes to supporting our client departments who have the public facing mission — ensuring residents and visitors have a good
experience in and around services. 

Jennifer Low, Media Production Specialist:
My favorite aspect of technology is being able to use it for storytelling. We help to foster community through our
storytelling by informing people about initiatives that city departments might have that may benefit someone that they
didn't know would benefit them. We are able to showcase different neighborhoods, different neighborhood, nonprofits
artists, so it's not just politics and government, but it's also the city, it's also the community. 

Arlene Licudine, Principal Business Analyst:
I deal with doing the websites for City County of San
Francisco. It's either that I put my hands in it, like doing the programming or a little bit of it, or doing a project lead for some of the projects around here. I am the woman behind whatever Pepper is talking about— I program it. The the chat pod opens up opportunities for women to be part of this booming technology. We can also go in there and help actually create a natural language query that is more conversational than another a robot. I'm proud to be in Department of Technology because these people here are
quite smart. 

Nina D'Amato:
The one effort that we're particularly excited about is ways that we get the most dedicated, the brightest, the most motivated people to come join the San Francisco Department of Technology. That is definitely at the forefront of everything we do. It's about people and, while the technology is always fascinating and cool, it's really about the people that deliver that technology.