PSA Civic Innovation - Mayor Breed 2018

Video transcript

I'm San Francisco Mayor, London Breed, and I'm so excited to recognize the important work that you're about to embark on through our Civic Bridge program!

Civic Bridge is based on the fundamental idea that we are better together; that there are people working inside of government, as well as outside of it with the drive and skills to make our city a better place to live work and play. By putting these people together and directing them to work on problems that matter to the residents we can come up with the solutions and learn from each other during the process.

Civic Bridge is about impact; it's about getting things done and producing results. It's about solving tough problems better and faster. The problems that you are taking on are urgent and important. You are tackling how we can improve street cleaning efforts, create access to services for our most vulnerable residents, and improve how our city responds to medical emergencies.

Thank you to all the City staff and partners for your dedication and energy, and your commitment to making our city more collaborative, inventive, and responsive so that the residents can feel the difference.