Intersection Safety and Visibility for Shared Spaces

Video transcript

Shared Spaces have transformed San Francisco’s streets and sidewalks. Local business communities are more resilient, and our neighborhood centers are more vibrant and lively. Sidewalks and parking lanes can be used for outdoor seating, dining, merchandising, and other community activities. We’re counting on operators of Shared Spaces to ensure their sites are safe and accessible for all.

Hello, San Francisco! I love it when I can cross the street in our beautiful city and not have to worry whether cars can see me.

And … I want me and my grandma to be safe when we do! We all want to be safe.  

That’s why our city is making sure curb areas near street corners are clear of parked cars and any other structures, so that people driving vehicles, people walking, and people biking can all see each other at the intersection.

If cars or parklets are too close to the crosswalk, drivers can’t see who is about to cross the street. It’s a proven way to prevent traffic crashes. We have way too many crashes—and fatalities in our city.

These updates to the Shared Spaces program will help to ensure safety and accessibility for everyone, so we can all enjoy these public spaces. More information is available at