Women History Month 2023 - Payal Desai

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Payal Desai:

I am Payal Desai, and I'm a project manager here at Department of technology. I like the role because I get to work with a variety of different projects --- the people I work with --- you know the space, networking, Telecom, Wi-Fi, data center work--- that interests me a lot --- and the service that you're providing to the
different departments. 

I would say the most significant barrier, especially early on in my career, was gaining the trust and the credibility in the workspace. I feel I'm lucky and blessed to have been given the opportunity to work in this space. I feel if you have a good Mentor and a good support group, then that will help you in a journey no matter where you go.

In my family, I'm the first lady who got the opportunity to go to graduate school, and I feel that was that was a major breakthrough and a blessing for me. Especially [since] I come from a family of doctors and engineers, so being the first lady to be able to go to graduate school meant a lot. 

My mother, she's the biggest source of my inspiration and strength. She's always encouraged me to go to school, study hard, and that I can do it no matter what and --- and be there pp ---- she's always been there for me. 

I would say to my younger self: that time is precious and be aware of how you're spending it --- just early on in life figuring out what your priorities are --- you know managing your time accordingly --- investing your time in the things that matter to you. Because that grows right, and you want to --- when you're young you have time on your side --- so you want to make the right choices you want to understand what you want out of life ... prioritize it accordingly, and then go from there. 

Love what you do and the rest will follow.
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