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Find the many treasures spots, hidden gems, local favorites, and all the ways to enjoy the bustling Taraval Street!

graphic of an SF street with the words "take time for taraval" in bold letter
Play Bingo!

Come play Take Time for Taraval bingo, a new community game to support small businesses on Taraval during Segment B construction of the L Taraval Improvement Project. Anyone can participate in the game by collecting icon stickers on our bingo-style game board, which can be entered at one of our raffle events for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

How to Play

Taking Time for Taraval is easy: to play, visit one of our participating businesses (see the list below) and ask for a game board.

  1. Collect your game board at a participating business.
  2. Fill out your contact information on the back of your bingo card.
  3. Collect stickers by making purchases at participating businesses to complete a row of three, four corners, or complete the entire board of nine by shopping at participating businesses.
    • If you complete a board with nine squares, you will automatically receive a completion prize and you will qualify to enter a grand prize raffle.
    • All purchases, big or small, will count towards you earning a sticker!
  4. Submit your completed game card for a raffle at a prize event for gift cards, swag, and more! If you cannot pick up your prizes on the day of the raffle, please email to schedule a pick up. You will visit 1444 Taraval Street to pick up your prize.
Visuals showing which rows to complete to win bingo

Complete a row of three, four corners, or complete the entire board of nine by shopping at participating businesses!

Collect Stickers from these businesses

Illustration of a stack of books
Book sticker


1400 Taraval St


Shin Toe Bul Yi

2001 Taraval St

Illustration of a dog
Dog sticker

SASA Beauty

1112 Taraval St



1353 Taraval St


Lost and Found Cocktail Bar

1439 Taraval St


O'Brien's Irish Pub

1940 Taraval St

illustration of happy dumplings
Dumpling sticker
illustration of a pair of glasses
Glasses sticker

California Bakery

719 Taraval St


Linda's Liquor

1026 Taraval St


Quarters Teahouse

1111 Taraval St


Inspire Music

1241 Taraval St


Rolling Out Cafe

1722 Taraval St

illustration of a paper bag of groceries
Groceries sticker

Parkside Farmer's Market

555 Taraval St


The Gold Mirror Italian Restaurant (temporarily closed for renovation)

800 Taraval St



1050 Taraval St


Karl's Beacon

1355 Taraval St

illustration of a person trimming hair
Hair salon sticker

Avenues Barber Lounge

907 Taraval St

illustration of an ice cream cone
Ice cream sticker

Riji Café

1155 Taraval St


Chalos Everyday Empanados

2240 Taraval St

illustration of a child practicing martial arts
Martial arts sticker

Sunny Dry Cleaners

745 Taraval St


Sushi Zen

1041 Taraval St


Lou's Cafe

1508-1512 Taraval St

illustration of Measuring tape
Measuring tape sticker

Shannon Arms Irish Pub

911 Taraval St



1404 Taraval St


Great Wall Hardware

1821 Taraval St

illustration of a slice of pizza
Pizza sticker

Tabita's Café

1101 Taraval St


Eagle Pizzeria

1712 Taraval St


Pirro's Pizza

2244 Taraval St

Illustration of a sandwich
Sandwich sticker

Mr. Bread Bakery

1018 Taraval St


Foam Tea House

1745 Taraval St

illustration of a pair of sneakers
Shoe sticker

Guerra Quality Meats

490 Taraval St



1139 Taraval St


Wen's 123 Cleaners

1501 Taraval St

Be a participating business!

Small businesses on Taraval Street from 15th Ave. to Sunset can join the Take Time for Taraval bingo game. We will provide you game cards and a unique icon sticker reflecting Taraval Street for participants to collect after they make a purchase at your business. If you have questions or want to become a partner business, please contact


Take Time for Taraval encourages residents and visitors to shop small and support businesses on Taraval.

The City of San Francisco recognizes the particular difficulties that arise for businesses during periods of construction and the challenge to maintain business as usual along our commercial corridors.

This initiative is part of the Open For Business Program, a program led by the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, in partnership with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and the People of Parkside Sunset (POPS) to support small businesses impacted by construction along Taraval Street during the L Taraval Improvement Project.